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Builder Development Loan Officer

NMLS# 1773430

Tel: 801.698.9613


111 E Broadway Ste. 200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



have been in the construction, real estate and mortgage business for over 30 years. I have worked on home energy efficiency, marketing for new home construction and developments, and all aspects of the home buying and financing process. Because of the great Synergy One Team and their experience, I have been able to accomplish the goals of my clients no matter how challenging the situation. This includes credit, short on down payment, low monthly income, and other challenges for the new homebuyer or customer trying to remodel and refinance. I am dedicated to always having great communication with everyone, including my Realtor partners, Builders, and homeowners step by step with the old fashioned commitment to dedicating the time for them and meeting the many commitments and deadlines. Of course this is all possible through the amazing team and people I work with and the ability I have to accomplish our goals by brainstorming with my team, utilizing Synergy Ones superior technology and being straight forward with my customer on what is needed to make it happen. I take pride in implementing Synergy Ones Motto; “Every Client. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses” as well as “On Time, Every Time”